Message from the State Captain Response to Covid 19

March 16, 2020

With the advice and consent of the Leadership team here in Iowa, the decision has been made that the Iowa Patriot Guard will continue to provide Flag lines and escorts for our Fallen Military personnel, Veterans and First Responders. If anyone has health problems or is sick, PLEASE keep yourself safe and not attend the missions. This is your choice and We will respect that decision. At this time refrain from shaking hands and giving hugs, this included the people attending the service. It looks like the funeral services will be limited to 10 people. Since spring is upon us, we can stand outside in the fresh air. Please use all responsible personal hygiene practices. Let’s use some common sense and We can beat this! Thanks for all of You, we could not do Missions without you,

(The Flag Line Members).

Stay Safe God Bless Jim Clark State Captain Iowa PGR

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